Monday, February 27, 2017

On view at Pradarshak: 'Antarvedh' a journey... of inner feelings by Snehal Oak Limaye

"snehal oak limaye at gallery pradarshak"
Beyond the clouds_19" x 19" Acrylic on Canvas

27thFeb. - 10th Mar. 2017 : Pradarshak presents “Antarvedh” a journey… of internal feelings. Debut Solo Exhibition by Snehal Oak Limaye.

Most artistic musings stem from looking within. Soul searching and making random and pertinent connections to the physical world transcend thought processes to often explore the surreal, always in a bid to express the web of emotions that generally plays on every artist’s temperament. 

Snehal too is no different in that sense and her paintings probe the innermost recesses of her psyche. Blues, greens and ochres come alive as one narrative unfolds after another seeped in nature – mostly the beauty of nature as seen through the very strong and positive perspective of the artist.
"snehal oak limaye at gallery pradarshak"
Battle of existence_19" x 19"_Acrylic on Canvas

The underlying bent that is carried forward in all paintings of this series aptly titled ‘Antarvedh’ - a journey… of internal feelings is that of gradual growth, and patience as an invaluable virtue. Every painting depicts a vortex – could be referenced to the process of maturing at one end; and to the deep pit of emotional turmoil at the other end of the scale. Yet, persistence is key.

A fish leaving behind its cozy small pond to jump into a larger one; a bird perched on the highest rock gazing expectantly at the golden sun; a turtle contemplating deeper waters in full knowledge of the crocodiles that lurk there; a cat and birds at the two ends of a vortex… are some of the narratives that Snehal builds, each one contemplative and suffused with a power message.
"snehal oak limaye at gallery pradarshak"
Pathway of transformation_37" x 19"_Acrylic on Canvas

Brushwork dominates the canvases, as textural play is effected with ordinary everyday tools. The use of a roller can be identified too. Comfortable with both, oil and acrylic mediums, Snehal chooses to opt for acrylic for this series as she plays with soft tones and nuanced shades of the primary colours. Red seems absent as if the subconscious is shying away from confrontation; similarly the lethargy that builds with the turtle and snail, avers to ‘slow unfolding’ of the personality. All in all, the narratives are intriguing and manifold – some stark; mostly subtle.  

As a first solo standing, the artist shows great promise and the tenacity to touch higher emotions on canvas. 

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