Saturday, December 31, 2011

On View at Pradarshak - Debut Solo Exhibition of Abstract Paintings by Nagesh Ghodke

Jan2 – Jan14, 2012 – Pradarshak presents the debut solo exhibition of abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas by Nagesh Ghodke.

As always, Pradarshak begins the year by introducing a few young upcoming artists, initiating them into the professional scenario with their debut solo exhibitions. 

Starting January 2, 2012, Pradarshak presents the debut solo exhibition of Nagesh Ghodke, a young abstractionist, who is steadily honing his skills as he plays with the textural qualities of his paintings. Most comfortable with a warm palette of earthy hues and tones, he weaves surrealistic overtures that hold an individual gazing at his canvas for a prolonged duration, perhaps trying to decipher the artist’s muse, technique or even an underlying narrative, if at all.
The abstract paintings are rendered in acrylic on canvas.

The show is promising to say the least. The artist will definitely go places.

On view at Pradarshak till January 14, 2012.

To view the exhibition online, click on the adjacent slideshow.


  1. This work certainly looks interesting to say the least! I would like to see it in person.
    Lots of good luck for the coming year with a gallery of art of up and coming artists that is certainly needed!
    Shep Brown

  2. Hi,
    I'm an art consultant located in New York. What is the price range of this artist's work? Please advise retail and my cost.

    Thank you.
    best wishes,